Thursday, November 24, 2011

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, PA, USA - 2 postdoctoral fellowships

The Center for Autism Research (CAR) was established by CHOP and UPenn to coordinate, sponsor, and support state-of-the-art research into understanding the causes and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). Studies focus on diagnosis, development, neuropsychology, genetics, and neuroimaging of individuals with ASD. CAR has a large training program spanning both research and clinical mentorship. The clinical postdoctoral fellowships offer specialty experience in ASDs. Diagnostic evaluations are at the heart of the fellowship, and opportunities to master assessment of individuals age 6 months to 50 years are available. Opportunities to participate in intervention studies, parent trainings, and community presentations are also available. Participation in research development, implementation, and publication is based on the fellow’s level of experience and CAR’s needs.

Two fellowship tracks are available (two-year fellowships) for 2012-14: Clinical Autism/LEND Fellowship (Schultz & Miller) focuses on assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders. Assessments occur in our research clinic, and the interdisciplinary Regional Autism Center clinic associated with CHOP. Fellows also participate in additional training in interdisciplinary, community-based, and family- and culturally-sensitive programming through weekly LEND seminars and activities. Clinical Autism Fellowship with a Focus in Pediatric Neuropsychology (Miller & Flynn). Fellows participate in the same activities as the Clinical Autism Fellowship (but are not part of the LEND program), and also receive general training in pediatric neuropsychology services for children and adolescents with developmental and acquired neurological disorders (approximately two cases per month, 20% time). This fellowship is designed to meet INS-Division 40 and Houston Conference guidelines for training in neuropsychology while maintaining a primary focus on autism. Clinical postdoctoral fellowships are two-year positions. All Post-Doctoral Applicants must have completed an APA-accredited doctoral program and an APA-accredited internship. Significant experience in cognitive testing of children with a wide range of behavioral presentations is required. Experience with ASDs is also required, and exposure to diagnostic procedures is preferred. Knowledge of the ADOS and ADI is a plus. Applicants are highly encouraged to contact Stephanie Ricchini-Egan at or (866) 570-6524 to facilitate the application process. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled. --

Susan F. Epstein, Ph.D. Center for Autism Research Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 3535 Market Street Suite 860 Philadelphia, PA 19104 (267) 426-7540