Sunday, February 5, 2012

The International Neuropsychological Society & Postdoc interviews

The INS conference is a great place for students to find out about postdoctoral oppotunities.
Here is the link to the conference's site.

"Designated rooms will be available for job and post-doctoral training interviews from Tuesday, February 14th - Saturday, February 18th. INS does not schedule the use of these rooms or coordinate the interviews. Interviews must be arranged between employers and candidates. A job posting board will be available onsite to assist prospective employers in the interviewing process. Interviews for U.S. and Canadian Post-doctoral training programs are arranged by the individual programs in communication with applicants."

About Montreal
I lived in Montreal for about 7 years. I studied at both McGill University and the Université de Montréal. It's a great city. Remember Montreal is mainly a French Speaking City, so you might need your translation book!!! Here are somethings you might want to do while in Montreal:

  1. A walk downtown Montreal along St-Catherine street W. [map]
  2. The Underground City [wikipedia] [pics]
  3. Biodome [map]
  4. Planetarium [map]
  5. St-Laurent Street  [map] & Crescent for the night life [map]
  6. Prince Arthur for great "bring your own wine" restaurants [pics] [Restaurants] [map]
  7. Duluth for great bring "your own wine restaurants" [map] [Restaurants]
  8. McGill University [map]
  9. Montreal Neurological Institute [link] [map]
  10. Old Montreal (old port) [site] [google link]
  11. Mont Royal [Trip Advisor] [pics]
  12. St-Joseph Oratory [link]
  13. Montreal Casino [link]
  14. Schwartz's famous smoke meat [link]
  15. St-Viateur famous Montreal Bagels [link]
  16. Montreal High Lights Festival - February 16-26 [link]
  17. Colours of India [link]
  18. Hockey night: Boston vs Montreal - Wednesday February 15 [to get tickets] and  Devils vs Montreal - Sunday February 19 [to get tickets]
  19. Comedy shows: Comedy Works 1238 Bishop Street [link], Comedy Nest 2313 Sainte-Catherine [link], Bourbon Street [link]
  20. More events & shows: Trivium [link], In Flames [link], City and Colour [link], Slow Club [link], Al Di Meola duo with Peo Alfonsi [link], The Ataris-The Queers-Far from Finished [link], Machine Head [link], Theophilus London [link], Tiken Jah Fakoly [link], Doomtree [link], Ete 67 [link], Bia [link], The Irish Descendants [link], Catherine Major [link], Doldrums [link]