Monday, June 20, 2011

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium - 1 research postdoctoral fellowship

The Humanities and Social Sciences Group; Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences; Centre for the Psychology of Learning and Experimental are looking for a postdoctoral fellow for three years (starting October 2011) (1 year, extended with 2 additional years after positive evaluation of year one). 

Interested? For our recently started Center of Excellence research program GRIP-TT (Generalization Research in Ill Health and Psychopathology : Transdiagnostic processes and Transfer), carried out by a consortium of the Center of Learning Psychology and Experimental Psychopathology and the Research Group on Health Psychology. Doctor-assistant (f/m) - ABV201158 The Research Programme focuses on the psychological and psychobiological mechanisms that play a role in the generalization of complaints in psychopathology (e.g. depression, anxiety) or somatic problems (e.g. asthma, chronic pain). One of the core assumptions of the program is that mechanisms of generalization have a crucial impact on the development of normal day-today complaints into problematic pathological syndromes. E.g. if one is bitten by a dog, fear for this animal is functional; it becomes a problem when fear generalizes to all other dogs, other animals or even pictures of dogs. The study of generalization is approached from an experimental psychological perspective. A variety of paradigms and research methodologies are included, such as psychophysiological measures, reaction time paradigms and conditioning preparations, as well as self report measures. Within the overall research programme, several lines of research are of a fundamental nature and are conducted in healthy samples of participants, while other studies will be performed within subclinical or clinical groups.

  • The postdoctoral fellow will perform a series of studies within the framework of the research program GRIP-TT (±70% of time). For the remaining time (±30%) there will be the opportunity to develop relevant leadership skills (e.g. taking up organizational and management tasks, guidance of PhD students, coordination of collaboration with peripheral partners, writing new research projects). The focus of the own studies within the program is (co-)depending on personal background and interest. 
  • The post-doc will be responsible for the acquisition and statistical analysis of data, and the scientific writing of the results in international peer-reviewed journals. Administrative tasks and teaching will be limited. 
  • On regular occasions, the candidate will meet with the other staff of GRIP-TT program. This project will be carried out in close collaboration with an international network of researchers. 
  • PhD in Psychology, Health Sciences, Neuroscience 
  • Strong interest and enthusiasm for (experimental) research in the area of psychological processes in somatic diseases and/or psychopathology. 
  • Be able to initiate new research ideas for additional studies 
  • Be willing and able to supervise graduate students 
  • Ability to work independently and to contribute to the research environment of the research group. 
  • Be well organized and having some managerial skills. 
  • Excellent communication skills in English (both verbally as scientific writing). 
Please visit/apply online at the [general employment page] or [directly apply/create a profile

For more information about the job description, please contact
Prof. Dr. D. Hermans
tel:+32 16 325963
Applications must be received no later than 26/06/2011.
K.U.Leuven carries out an equal opportunity and diversity policy.