Wednesday, August 17, 2011

College Skyline Center, Joplin, MO, USA - 1 residency position

Re: Residency Opportunity at NHSC Approved Site Greetings! In our desire to continue our current growth and meet our need for full-time psychologists willing to stay in the Joplin Area, we would like to inform you of a psychology residency opportunity available for 2011-2012.

Currently, we have Dr. Matt Costley, a graduate of Forest, with us now, about to complete his residency soon. Past Forest students that have completed our residency have been Dr. Laura Bonsky (Bandoli) and Dr. Dan Meadows. Feel free to contact any one of them (Dr. Bonsky is currently at CSC) to inquire about their experiences. As a group of over 20 independently contracted practitioners, we can offer a great degree of flexibility, supervision, and opportunities in the specialty areas you may seek.

We would encourage you to visit our web site at and contact us about your interest in completing your residency at CSC. We have made efforts to keep the application process as simple as possible, so we encourage you to contact us as soon as you like. Ask for Dr. Doyle or Dr. Paige. We will be glad to assist the accepted resident obtain their provisional license, get on insurance panels, etc., and get started whenever appropriate. Thank you, and good luck with your future career!

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