Saturday, September 13, 2014

APPIC's new centralized application system for postdoctoral programs

On September 9, 2014, APPIC launched the APPA CAS, a user-friendly online centralized application system for psychology postdoctoral programs. The APPA CAS is designed to be very flexible given the wide range of postdoctoral programs. It can store typical required application materials, such as demographic, doctoral program and internship information, recommendation letters and transcripts. It also allows multiple uploads that can be tailored by individual postdoctoral programs. APPIC anticipates the APPA CAS will provide numerous benefits including:

for programs

·      streamlined review

·      reduced administrative burdens  

for applicants

·      reduced redundancy in materials across sites

·      timely confirmation when materials are received

·      reduced costs

This new system is also expected to bring more overall cohesion to the broad postdoctoral domain, especially with respect to the application and selection process.

It is available to both APPIC and non-APPIC programs, and is completely voluntary.  Applicants are charged $25 for their first application to a program and $15 for each additional application.  Some postdoctoral programs may continue to use their own application process, so applicants should inquire at each desired site.

Applicants can enroll through the following link   Postdoctoral programs need to register with APPIC’s vendor, Liaison International, to use the APPA CAS and to be listed as a designation option for applicants. To register or to obtain further instruction, programs should contact:

Jessica Scott

Director of Program Partnerships

Liaison International


Questions about APPA can also be directed to Wayne Siegel, Ph.D., ABPP, APPIC’s Vice Chair ( or 612-467-4024).