Monday, May 28, 2012

Wellness Leadership Institute (University of Colorado), Aurora, CO, USA - 1 Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Wellness Leadership Institute is offered by the Behavioral Health Wellness Program ( at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine. The Behavioral Health Wellness Program excels in health promotion and chronic disease prevention through cutting-edge research, education, and public policy development. Through the Wellness Leadership Institute (WLI), we have created a multi-disciplinary training environment that will build healthcare professionals' skill-sets in wellness interventions, translational research, program evaluation, program administration and leadership. WLI is a market-driven program created in response to the rapidly growing interest of healthcare providers, national healthcare trends, and the demands of communities and organizations for wellness programs. Graduates will be prepared to augment their current clinical specialties and become health consultants, wellness directors, government administrators, and college and university professors.
  • WLI is a multidisciplinary training environment. Fellows work in collaboration with many different healthcare specialties such as psychiatry, family medicine, nursing, social work, and public health.
  • Fellows focus on the health and well-being utilizing the Behavioral Health Wellness Program model of integrated wellness.
The WLI training format is an interactive and comprehensive educational experience. Fellows experience an intensive 1 to 2 year intensive training program, which uniquely positions them for the healthcare marketplace. Fellows spend the majority of their time in community healthcare and governmental agencies where they will be mentored by industry leaders and assist in developing, providing, administering, and researching wellness initiatives and services. One day a week will also be spent at the UC School of Medicine for didactics, clinic rotations, supervision, and research. Core trainings include wellness across the lifespan, evidence-based assessment and intervention, health behavior change, healthcare systems, translational research and evaluation, health disparities, program administration, supervision, leadership, and grant writing. Group and/or individual supervision will be provided weekly. Regular networking visits will further foster students' linkage with health professionals who are wellness experts and/or innovators in wellness programming and health promotion.

The fellowship year begins August 1st. WLI stipends will be aligned with NIH guidelines for postdoctoral fellows. Fellows will accumulate their hours toward licensure. For more information contact: Chad D. Morris, Ph.D. Director of the Behavioral Health & Wellness Program  303-724-3709