Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada - 3 research postdocs (emotion & physiology; emotion & cognition; social cognitive development)

Laboratoire de Cognition et Neuroscience (Cognition and Neuroscience Laboratory) of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) seeks to fill three postdoctoral positions.

1.     Reasoning, emotion, and physiological arousal
This project examines the impact of emotion on deductive reasoning, focusing on the interface between peripheral physiological arousal and central high level cognitive processes. The project uses an experimental approach manipulating the emotional value of stimuli using techniques such as evaluative conditioning. Knowledge of autonomic arousal measures would be an asset.
Funding : NSERC, 2 years, 35 000$ per year
Supervisor : Isabelle Blanchette (isabelle.blanchette@uqtr.ca)

2.     Effect of highly emotional experiences on cognitive function
This project examines the impact of highly emotional events on specific cognitive processes including reasoning, working memory, and attention. The project uses a quasi-experimental approach comparing participants who have undergone specific events (sexual abuse, serious car accidents, etc.) to matched control groups composed of participants who have not. The studies will also consider post-traumatic reactions though the focus of interest is on non-pathological reactions.
Funding : SSHRC, 2 years, 31 500$
Supervisor : Isabelle Blanchette (isabelle.blanchette@uqtr.ca)

3.    The role of learning in the measure of infant cognition and social cognition
Within the remit of the Canada Research Chair in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, as well as a SSHRC research grant, several research projects that examine the role of learning in the study of infant (social) cognitive development are available for postdoc involvement and leadership. One axis that examines early detection of pervasive developmental disorders is also available to the interested candidate. In all cases, research projects will be developed in relation with the candidate’s interests. Experiments will combine eye tracking, pupillometry, EEG, and measures of heart rate changes as dependent variables. Experience with one or more of these techniques is desirable.
Funding : NSERC, SSHRC, 2 years, 35 000$ per year
Supervisor : Sylvain Sirois (sylvain.sirois@uqtr.ca)

For all these posts, candidates are expected to:
  • Have a PhD in a relevant discipline (psychology, neuroscience, etc.)
  • Have an excellent grasp of experimental psychology, ideally in their project’s area
  • Have excellent research training and skills, including statistics, scientific writing, and knowledge of the usual research software (SPSS, EPrime, MatLab, etc.)
  • Have excellent oral and written English
The Psychology department at UQTR offers a dynamic environment. There is ongoing significant growth in the area of cognition and neuroscience. Recently built, dedicated research laboratories provide state-of-the-art facilities that include eye tracking, psychophysiological instruments, and EEG (including a high-density system). Trois-Rivières is a French-speaking town of modest size offering an excellent quality of life, a warm atmosphere, and very easy access to many outdoors activities. It is within close proximity of Montreal and Quebec City. Though the work environment is generally French-speaking, most individuals are functionally bilingual (and eager to practice their English) and interactions in the lab may be bilingual. A basic grasp of French (or a genuine interest to acquire one) would be highly desirable for day-to-day life outside work.

To apply:
Send by email a letter of intent, identifying the desired post/topic to the appropriate supervisor, along with a current CV, copies of two recent papers, and the details of two academic references. Citizens of all countries are eligible to these posts, subject to visa requirements. The deadline for applications is July 1st 2011, and the expected start date would be September 2011.